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Top 5 Holy Grail Baby Products

Top 5 Holy Grail Baby Products

Mothers are all slightly insane.
— J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

Read on to discover my top 5 Holy Grail baby products.  These are not just items that I love but also products that have made life with a baby more simple; items I use (almost) daily that I can't imagine living without now that they are an integral part of my daily routine.

1. City Select Double Stroller


This stroller is impressive in every way.  We have used it for over 3 years, since the very first time we took our daughter out, until the present day.  I love this stroller because it grows with your child.  It has the lovely ability to be a travel system with almost any brand of infant car seat.  This means there is no need to wake baby to make a transfer to a separate seat.  It then can be converted to a regular stroller when your child is old enough to hold their head up.  The City Select can be converted to a double stroller where you have the ability to configure the seats in any number of positions (seats facing each other, seat and car seat, seats the same direction etc.), thereby tailoring the stroller to your specific needs. Further, it has the ability to attach a board to make standing room in case you decide to have a third!  I love the large storage on the bottom and the huge wheels that make trekking through snow and grass simple.  The few negatives I have for this stroller are the lack of a cup holder (because this mom runs on caffeine) and the fact that it is a little bit heavy and cumbersome.   

2. Magic Merlin Sleepsuit


This was a lifesaver, especially with my first, when I didn't know left from right and sleep deprivation clouded my judgement on even the best days.  This magical miracle suit is a great transition between the swaddle and complete freedom.  The padded layers comfort and muffle those spastic, reflexive movements that often wake a baby during the early stages of life.  My kids loved this suit and slept in it long past when actually necessary because they were just comfortable being in it.  They could already roll and pull up well before I transitioned them into regular pyjamas.  The downside is that it can be a bit warm during the hot summer months if you don't have air conditioning, and the price point is a little high.  That being said, I would have paid triple for this suit if I had to do it all over again. 

3. White Noise Machine


White noise has been an integral part of the bedtime routines in our house.  It is a natural sleep aid that is essential for blocking out background noise.  It calms my kids and soothes them to sleep.  White noise became particularly useful with our second child because the two little ones share a wall between their rooms.  I hear it time-and-time again, "kids can sleep through anything"  but this is just plain false.  Yes, some kids can sleep through noise and other distractions, but I notice my daughter moving when my son cries out.  She may not actually wake up or call out but her sleep is definitely disrupted and I can tell that it affects her overall quality of sleep. White noise is an added tool to muffle those cries and make everyone a little happier the next morning. The white noise machine pictured is the make/model that both of our kids have.   We chose this one because it was cheap and could also use batteries if we ever needed to take it on the go.  It features a timer and 6 different sounds to choose from.  People may say that it will become a habit that is difficult to break but I believe that kids are adaptable and flexible; when the time is right we will transition them away from white noise.   

4. Brica Car Seat Cover


This car seat cover is amazing. It has lasted through both of my kids and although the underside of ours is now torn up, it does not affect the usefulness of this product.  This is the perfect cover to use to shield your child and block the wind, rain, and snow on cold winter days.  It is a life saver throughout the summer months to protect your child from damaging UV rays and ensures that uninvited bugs and mosquitos stay out.  It is also the best barrier between your child and unwanted hands reaching in and trying to touch your precious cargo.  The Brica car seat cover has mesh sides to allow breathability, unlike many typical blanket covers.  The shield can be pulled up leaving just the mesh cover so you can see your baby when they are awake.  This product has been an absolute must with my second child.  From the day he was born, my second has become my luggage, dragged around between errands and his sister's activities. He has napped as much in his car seat using this cover as he has in his crib.  I throw a muslin blanket over the top to signal it is time for him to nap and without a peep, he normally just nods off.  My friends did not see Linden the first 3-4 months of his life because he was always soundly asleep in here (not even a joke).  The only downside is that it makes the carseat a little bit more awkward to carry but even that is a stretch.  

5. Ikea Antilop High Chair

As with any baby purchase, I did my research when it came to buying a high chair.  I looked up countless reviews on what seemed like hundreds of high chairs.  The Ikea Antilop high chair became the clear winner very quickly.  It is simple, sleek, and would blend into any home decor seamlessly.  It is light weight and the legs pop off easily to transport if need be.  It is made of hard plastic making it a breeze to wipe down, disinfect, and have ready for the next meal.  Bonus! At just 25 dollars, this chair is the cheapest I have seen on the market.  You can spend hundreds on a high chair but functionality is ultimately what is important.  I didn't need a chair with special features and I didn't need a chair that looked so good I was afraid to spill on it.  This chair is everything you need in a high chair.  The only downside for me is that the tray is difficult to remove, but since we have only removed it once that "con" does not really matter in the end.  



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