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Here's To The Mom

Here's To The Mom

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother. 
— Oprah Winfrey

Here's to the first time mom who has a baby at home.  The one who is running on adrenaline and caffeine.  The mom who hasn't had time to shower or eat because those basic needs pale in comparison to nurturing new life. The mom who is figuring out that the act of losing yourself is often the same as finding yourself.  

Here's to the mom with toddlers, kids, and teenagers.  The mom who found a way to make it work.  The one who is shuttling kids between activities and appointments.  The one who is navigating new boundaries, new challenges, and new attitudes.  

Here's to the mom who has grown children.  The mom who may also be a grandma or great-grandmother.  The mom whose home is no longer full of the carefree laughter or the sticky fingerprints of young kids.  Their job in raising children may be done but the worry of a mother never ends.  

Here's to the mom who has had to pick up where others have left off.  The mom who, through adoption or unfortunate circumstances, has stepped up when others were unable to.  The mom who is finding her stride to a new beat in life. 

Here's to the mom who has felt the agony of carrying a child for only a short amount of time.  The one who has experienced a child torn from their body too soon. The mother who is mourning, hopeful that one day she will be gifted with a new life to care for.  

Here's to the mom who has witnessed first breaths and first cries but no more.  The mom who has said goodbye to beautiful children.  The mom who has to be strong beyond measure.  The one who has experienced an unfathomable pain that no other person should ever have to relate to.

Here's to the single mom, the stepmom, the adoptive mom, the foster mom, the working mom, and the stay at home mom. The mom who is fighting the everyday battles and the mom who is fighting something so much bigger than themselves.  Here is to the mom who is thriving and the mom who is struggling.  

Here's to the moms - all of them.  Motherhood is the most difficult job there is; a thankless, tireless, all-consuming job with no paycheck to show for the tears, sweat, and energy that goes into the daily grind.  

There is no one portrait of motherhood that is correct.  What is unequivocally true is the fact that we wouldn't be here without mothers.  Every journey to motherhood is sacred and every path is different. Whether you are at the starting line, have taken the first few steps, catching your second wind, or finishing the race, you are doing something that is special and unique to you.  So make today your day and take time to reflect on all that you have accomplished and all that you have sacrificed to nurture and love your children. Happy Mother's Day!  You deserve so much more than just that. 




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